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B4U FREAK - micah

Order of Operations
-Quit and relaunch the application
-Force quit (Hold option+command then press ESC)
-Log out/Log in
-Resart Computer

If you are unable to log out of your account:
-Quit or force quit all open programs

Preferential Treatment - sarah

System Preferences (under the apple)

At EMS you have access to the following:
(Starred items were covered in the training.)
*Appearance - Change highlighting color, placement of scroll arrows (together or top and bottom of page) and scroll bar actions, fine tune recent items.
Desktop & Screen Saver - Choose from Apple's preset options or place one of your own photos from iPhoto on your desktop. Feel free to customize your screen saver. If you are on a laptop, be aware that
*Expose (Includes hot corners) -
Keyboard & Mouse (also trackpad on a laptop) - Set the buttons on your mouse as well as it's speed
*Sound - Check here when using a microphone, external speakers or a headset. Input and Output must be set to the correct item.
QuickTime - You shouldn't need to change this.
Speech - Set the computer to "tell" you things in addition to displaying them on the screen. You can also set the computer to respond to voice commands
Universal Access- Assistance is available is these areas:
Seeing - Kids like to Zoom in and change the display using keyboard commands
Turn on Zoom Option+Command+8
Zoom in = Option+Command+=
Zoom out = Option+Command+-
Keyboard - Be aware of sticky keys being turned on
Note: For issues with any other items, call tech support.

Every Program has its own Preferences, under the application menu. You can fine tune most of them to your needs. Take a look! We'll look at a few:

First Class -
Change the font, size, color, etc. of your writing.
Create a signature.

Firefox -
These are the seven different areas with in Firefox preferences:

Main - includes setting your default homepage, downloads options and add-ons
Tabs - Adjust how your tabs work.

@ The Bar - mare

Atomic Learning Tutorials for OSX 10.4 (old software, but tutorial still relevant) :

Atomic Learing Tutorials for OSX 10.5 (current software)
username: emsteacher
password: ems

Finders Keeper Losers Weepers - mare

Find it
Organize it
Save it
Where did it go?
Labels & other cool tools

Browsers? We don't need no stinking browsers! Oh, wait... I guess we do! - sarah

Anatomy of a Browser
Using Tabs
Command+Click on a link will open in a new tab
Command+T = new blank tab
Controlling your Search - Personalize your search experience

Help Yourself - micah

Getting Help
Use the application specific help in the menu.

Atomic Learning - video tutorials for most applications

Account usernames:

All passwords are:

Make'm Jealous

desktops - sarah
screensavers - sarah

Trick buttons - micah
Zoom (ctrl + scroll wheel), Slow minimize (space + minimize), Negative (ctrl + opt + cmd + 8), Voice over on/off (cmd + F5)

Shortcuts - micah
Open (cmd + o), Close window (cmd + w), Quit (cmd + q), Delete (cmd + delete), Switch application (cmd + tab), Expose (F3, F5).

Icons - mare