Google Docs Workshop

Ideas for using Google Docs:
In the classroom:
  • Free Rice Project (Liz Bagish)
  • Pre and post-assessment for grouping kids in math
  • Book Reviews
  • Mock election
  • Student Research
  • Gather data to map information with gadget
  • Student assessments (i.e. student technology self-assessment)
  • Presentation where all students can participate
  • Wordle Activity

For Teachers and Administrators:
  • Self-assessment for professionals
  • Technology Survey for school planning
  • Collaborate on presentations or lesson plans
  • Registration for workshops
  • Self-Grading Quiz Screencast (Jesse Spevack)
  • Forms for teacher observations (w/smart phone)
  • Forms for organizing participants in an activity
  • Collaborative grant writing
  • Plan meeting; share agenda
  • Master schedule; publish or embed on site

Source for ideas: Kathy Shrock, Kevin Jarrett, Kern Kelly, Liz Bagish, Marianne Malmstrom, Colette Cassinelli, Dorothy Burt

Templates for forms from Kern Kelly

Google Docs Resources

Crib Sheets and Ideas
Then click on materials - great for sharing with others

Resources from Google:

Links to Help Pages

General Google Info

Create an Account -
Help -
Official Google Blog -
What Can I Do with Google? A Starting Point for Teachers - (general info about apps)
Google for Educators
Complete list of Google tools

Other Websites of Interest
To shorten URLs -
Look for information o their bookmarklet, firefox extension and dashboard widget. One of them will make using their service very easy.

Educause 7 Thing You Should Know About Series -