Google Earth Resources and Tutorials
Get Google Earth here.

Google Earth User Guide (v5)

Learn more about how to do things in Google Earth with video tours from Google.

Google Earth Gallery - pre-created GE files - get some great ideas

Google Earth Community Discussion Forum

The Networked Learner - scroll down screencasts and powerpoint related to Google Earth

Getting Google Earth Pro is free for Educators and Non-profits (includes info on Maps too)

Building Better Balloons- templates for fancier looking balloons

Google Earth APIs

Google Earth Projects from Educators
Real World Math

Google Lit Trips

Explorer Hall of Fame – Google Earth and World History

Amazing Race - 8th Grade Social Studies with interviews

A compilation of Google Earth Lessons

Instructional Uses for Google Earth

24 Interesting Ways to Use Google Earth in the Classroom

Various, well organized, project from the Networked Learner - Thomas Cooper

Karen Ditzler's Google Earth Resource Page

Google Tools - slideshow with ideas for using GE in science and math (plus other GE info)

Google Earth is our Paper - "This is a series of posts about the use of Google Earth as a platform for my students to write." It includes:
  1. Find a location, Begin a Journey - very creative way to have students build stories. Note that author uses a classroom set of laptops, but I feel this could be done as a group with one computer and a projector.
  2. Add Your Voice - If you want a voice recording in each placemarker, use these directions. It is not necessary, however, to use third party software to add naration to a tour. Google Earth version 5 allows you to do this.
  3. Consolidate and Empower - Excellent run down of possible issues. Saving may be easier now than when this was written.
  4. Improve the Story-
  5. A Week in Review - A review of benefits and challenges from the experience of using Google Earth with storytelling.

Google Historical Voyages and Events (this is not limited to Google Earth)

Fun with Google Earth

Monster Milktruck - this is just fun:-)

Drive Your Car in Google Earth - same as Monster Milktruck, but with a choice of cars and comments in Spanish