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NJECC 3/16/10 - Sarah Rolle and Fil Santiago

SL DEN Presentation 2/10/10 - Sholi Oh / Sarah Rolle

CIE09: Virtual Worlds, Real Learning Conference by


Sarah Rolle


Fil Santiago

Quest Atlantis is a 3D virtual world created for children from 9-16. They have educational quests to complete and the environment was created around the idea of combining Education, Entertainment and Social Responsibility (learning, playing and helping others). It was created by and continues to be updated and supported by the School of Education at Indiana University.

  • The Plague Unit, based on Mary Shelly's Frankenstein, is one of the units that demonstrates to children how their action effect their environment. An Overview of this unit is here.
  • This .pdf gives a snapshot view of a Mathematical unit where students experience how their decisions effect an area in Quest Atlantis.
  • On the Teacher Resource page within the QA website you will find helpful information, including more unit snapshots and mission descriptions. (Don't forget that if you are trying to convince an administrator of the value of Quest Atlantis, the best thing to do is show them a unit. They show educational connections very well.)

The Voices of QA: The Official Blog of Quest Atlantis

Quest Atlantis Teacher Community - great tips and ways to get involved

Visions of Quest Atlantis - Bron Stuckey's aggregation of
"cool stuff about Quest Atlantis from teachers, classes and kids around the globe. "

Think you might want to bring kids in to Quest Atlantis? See the schedule for online teacher training.

In addition to the videos below, check out Knowclue's wiki for a multi-part interview with Steven Caldwell on the impact of QA on his students.

Sasha Barab, professor at Indiana University about engaging students in Quest Atlantis

The current legend (back story) as of December 2009

Past legend includes a bit more information as why earth children are needed to help out.

General Information

MUVE: Multi-User Virtual Environment

Virtual World Hangouts via TechCrunch (Mark Hendrickson August 5, 2007)
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MMORPG: Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game

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