Engaging and Motivating Your World Language Classroom Through VoiceThread

Valeria Bonasorte, Spanish Teacher, World Language Chair, vbonasorte@elisabethmorrow.org
Sarah Rolle, Director of Technology, srolle@elisabethmorrow.org

What is Voicethread?
  • Web 2.0 Tool
  • Upload pictures, videos and/or texts for presentation
  • Comment on slide in various formats
  • Comments can be voice, video or text
  • Doodling feature enhances understanding
  • Sharing and collaboration

  • Dynamic, user-friendly and versatile instructional tool
  • High quality student engagement and language production
  • Supports and extends learning outside the classroom

  • Conversational practice
  • Creating and illustrating stories
  • Reading and writing activities
  • Personal and group introductions
  • Descriptions of people and places
  • Current event discussions
  • Cultural presentations
  • Assessments
  • Games

Projects Shared:

A summary of many or our projects is on this page.

This pdf can be used as a starting point. Some directions are specific to The Elisabeth Morrow School.


Helpful pages at VoiceThread.com:

Simply Speaking video is on the front page.

Digital Library of successful project examples

VoiceThread Features

VoiceThread Publications - How Tos and Guides

Getting VoiceThread Accounts
Free Voicethread accounts can be used to try out Voicethread by adults and students 13 and up. For teachers with children under 13, consider using 1 account and setting up identities for each child. Free accounts are limited to the creation of 3 VoiceThreads.

Ed.VoiceThread Accounts
3 types of licenses:
Single Educator License, School License or District License

*To view the Ed.VoiceThread VoiceThread, click the link above and select either Single Educator License or School License. Toward the top of each page is a link for a pop up VoiceThread with details about Ed.VoiceThread. This VoiceThread has great information.

The pdf files from VoiceThread have additional information about the licenses indicated in their titles.


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Wilson, Brad. "Engaging Learners with VoiceThread." The VoiceThread 4 Education wiki


Voicethread 4 Education wiki started by Colette Cassinelli
What will you find here?**
  • Samples submitted by teachers of VoiceThread projects made by their students
  • VoiceThreads used for professional development
  • Resources, including other websites that contain VoiceThread examples
  • Best Practices - tips and ideas of how to best implement VoiceThread in your curriculum
  • Subject area ideas & examples of those ideas